I am married with an 11-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter. My son gets most of the attention because of a medical condition. I am a doctor that sees patients out of a room in my house. I do not want any more children. Also, we do have a broken window in our dining room that needs to be fixed.

I dreamed that I went to get my daughter up one morning and she wasn't in her bed (in the dream her bedroom was in my home office). My husband and I searched for her everywhere around the house. I went back in her room, pulled back the blinds that cover her window and there she was -- hanging by her bloodied hand and neck in the middle of the broken window!

We raced to get her inside and when she was pulled in she was no longer her eight-year-old self, but a two-year-old (that didn't actually look like her but was her in the dream) with only a few scrapes on her. I cradled this sleeping baby and was happy she was alive. What does this bizarre dream mean? 

—Christy, Age 39, Married, New York, NY, USA

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