I am having recurring nightmares about water. These dreams involve floods or rising water. In almost all of the dreams my son is with me or in my thoughts. My overwhelming fear is not for me, but for him. I know this has something to do with him, I’m just curious about what the water has to do with it.

For example:

1. I was in a shopping mall with a friend, we watched from the top floor as the mall flooded. We were helpless and could not escape the rising water. I can remember thinking in the dream who would take care of my son if I died.

2. In some dreams I will be standing in a hallway or room that will suddenly fill with water--kind of like a rush of water from a raging river or a violent wave in the ocean. Again, I’m with my son and we’re trapped with no way out.

3. Several dreams involve driving off the road into a river or lake. I try furiouly to get myself and my son out, who is strapped into his car seat in the back seat.

4. The most recent dream I had involved a sinking ship (Titanic???). I was trying to get my son prepared (putting on his lifejacket, etc.) and I missed all the lifeboats. As we were trying to get into a lifeboat I fell into the water with my son in my arms. The water was freezing and I was trying to swim back to the boat so we could get out of the water, but I couldn’t swim with him in my arms. I woke up before I found out what happened.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks! 

--Kris, Age 25, Lawrence, KS, USA

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