About a year ago I had this really horrifying dream. I was on the steps at my local parish and this woman approached me and told me, “You are going to lose your daughter when you are in your thirties.” I was so frightened I woke up crying and my husband told me I was crying and talking in my sleep saying “NO.” I do remember at the end of the dream I saw my father and told him what the woman had told me and he stated (I was still dreaming) “Don’t believe what you heard, everything you hear isn’t the truth.” I still am very worried about the dream and wonder if this may be some type of premonition. I recently read (in a tabloid magazine) that dreams indicating what may be in store for children are true.

Please respond, as I have only one daughter and worry about her constantly. I’m also 31. 

--Jeannine, Age 31, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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