I have a recurring dream every few months or so that I have had for years. In the dream I realize that it is the end of a semester, and I have forgotten to go to math class the whole semester and am very worried about failing. Sometimes I’m in college, (where I did fail a math class), but more often I’m in high school, (where I did very well in math, but had some conflicts with two teachers).

It is always math, never another subject. Once, it was so realistic, (when I was still in college), I woke up in the middle of the night and located my schedule to convince myself I hadn’t signed up for the math course.

Also, if I can bother you some more, my 7-year-old daughter woke up last night with a bad dream. She dreamed we were at a festival and I ran away from her and she kept calling my name but I wouldn’t come back and she was all alone.

Do you think I’ve done something to make her feel like I’m running away from her? She’s my only child. I felt so guilty and sad even though it was her dream.

Thanks for your help. 

--Lisa, Age 33, Female, Married, Okemas, MI, USA

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