In my dream, I am at work, in my cubical when my grandfather (who died a year ago March) appears. He is in the suit that we buried him in. I know he is dead in my dream and I am aware that he is an “angel.” He keeps trying to tell me something but we keep getting interrupted by the phone, other people, what ever. Then he points to a large supporting pillar (that is not really in my office, only in the dream), and out pops my 4 yr old son (he is really still alive) and in the dream he is dead. He is also an angel. He is wearing a light blue baseball cap and a red and blue jacket and a striped shirt. I know he is dead also and I am excited to see him. I can hold him and he hugs me tightly.

I didn’t think much of this dream until I had it again a week later with these variences. I was supposed to be in my office, but instead of cubicals it was open with lots of desks and very bright (not glum like the previous dream). My grandfather appeared again, but this time he came off of an elevator and he brings my son with him. They are both still wearing the same clothes. I am still aware that they are both dead in the dream. I am overwhelmed with emotion at being able to see my son and hold him. That is when grandpa tells me that this will be their last trip and to make the hug last in my mind and to say goodbye, because this will be my last chance. Then they leave back out of the elevator. I should tell you that in real life, my grandfather died suddenly (when he was out of town) of a heart attack and we did not get to “say goodbye.” Should I worry about my son’s significance in the dream? Please help, I have been very distraught over this one, and needless to say very protective over my son. 

--Kelly, Age 32, Cincinnati, OH, USA

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