I have been having bad dreams as a part of an accident, for which I have been seeing a therapist. I have never had a dream about Madeline before at all. Not even with her as a vauge bystander. But Thursday night.. It’s still so horrifying.

My dream was about this guy named Joel that worked with my daddy. He wanted me out of town for some reason. He kept calling me and in a polite way was asking me to leave. But being very threatening at the same time. I was very scared so I went ahead and started to get stuff ready to leave. This guy was everywhere my daddy was, so I couldn’t tell my dad about him. I was down by my dad’s truck giving him a hug and trying to whisper softly so I could tell him without Joel knowing about it.

Then I remembered that Madeline was still upstairs and I had to get her. I climbed the stairs and went in the door and she was in her car seat, strapped in on the couch, slumped over with her eyes buldging out and crossed. I started screaming and ran to her and someone had wrapped something like a thick rubber band a few times around her neck. The screaming in my dream turned out to be screaming in real life. I woke up with 6 people standing over me shouting what’s wrong!

Sometime near the end of the dream, though, it flashed to where I was in a roller coaster and I was holding Madeline. I remember wondering what the hell I was doing on a roller coaster with Madeline, and started holding on to her real tight. Then I realized right before we were about to do a few loops that I wasn’t buckled in, and we were both going to fall.

I can’t get that image of Madeline’s buldging eyes out of my head. It makes me want to cry so much every time I think about it. I’m not sure if I was just so worried about her safety that it made me dream that? Or maybe she DID stop breathing in her sleep (we were sleeping together that night) and my subconscious realized she stopped breathing and made me dream that to wake us both up???? My mom suggested that I find someone who can interpret these dreams, since it’s bothering me so much and I don’t have an appointment with my therapist for a few weeks. 

—Jaime, from the Dream Boards

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