I had a dream where I was at school and my dad was there also to tell me that my mom just died. I was so heartbroken and I cried ALOT! I went back to my locker and I found a project that had a drawing that looked just like my mom but when I flipped through it, there were pictures of this lady and some other people who were unknown to me so I assumed that this wasn’t my mom. I then saw my dad, mom and my two little brothers coming up the stairs and I gave my mom a big hug and told her I loved her very much. I had a feeling that she was smiling but then she slowly disappeared.

I woke up crying and my pillow all wet. But what is strange is that a couple of nights before, my mom had a dream of Buddha or someone from heaven telling her that it wasn’t her time to go (to heaven) yet and he said that Feb. 6 was her time. Does this mean that she’s leaving me (going to die)? But I heard that dreams tell the opposite meaning so does this mean she’ll live a long time? Please tell me, I’d like to find out before I get paranoid.

-Worried teen

--Jennie, Age 16, Surrey, B.C., CANADA

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