I recently had a dream that began with me sitting in the waiting room of a court, on trial for a murder I committed in self defense. I didn’t know who I had murdered or how, but I felt that I had shot someone.

I remember sitting in the waiting room thinking how frustrating and frightening it was that I had killed this man in self defense for attacking myself and my son, and yet I couldn’t prove it and no one would believe me. I had been convicted of first degree murder and was waiting in this room for the jury to come back from the penalty phase. I knew that I would either receive life in prison or the death penalty.

They brought my 7 month old son to me for me to say goodbye to forever, because he was being placed in foster care. I felt so horrible. This is how my dream ended.

Current events that might be related: My baby’s father just told me he is moving to another state and wants shared custody of our son. I decided that I would seek child support, since he hasn’t paid any money yet for his son’s care, although they have a close emotional bond. I feel bad for my son since he worships his father and won’t be able to see him as often, and I also don’t want him to be away from me to visit his father. What is unusual about this dream is the fact that I remembered it. I only remember maybe two dreams a year—if that many—and the ones I do remember always are emotional and vivid. 

—Cristin, Age 29, Single, TX, USA

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