My daughter is 5 years old and has always had bad dreams which disturb her sleep. She cries and screams out for help. She is almost impossible to wake up during these spells. Just recently she has started getting up and acting out the dreams. She can't tell you what she is afraid of but will have great fear in her eyes and be giving you instructions. She will be calling out for Mom and Dad and we will be right there trying to help her, her eyes open but looking right through or past us. We have found that if we take a cold rag and blot her face with it she will come around but will be in a very unusual state. She remembers absolutely nothing about these nightmares. Is there anything we can do or read that may help her?

--Signed Perplexed Parent

Based on this dream, this child has:
a) Nightmares
b) Night Terrors
c) Other psychological problems

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