I was driving my soft top mustang in a bad snow storm, I lost control of the car and started flipping the vehicle finally to a dead stop on someone's front lawn. As my last flip was occurring I rolled down the window, thinking to myself that I might not get out of the car if the doors were jammed from the impact. I opened the door and walked out of the car to be approached by two men from the house where I landed on their front lawn. I went inside to call a tow truck and upon leaving their house to get to my car I noticed that the car was just finishing burning up completely ruined. Thinking to myself I just lost my car, I have no fire insurance to cover this.

Is there any special interpretation for this dream? It is really bothering me. Should I take it as a premonition about fire insurance for my car or is it symbolic to other things happening in my life? If you can help, please answer.

--Signed All Burned Up


An "out of control" car in a dream symbolizes...

A.  A car accident in the future
B.  The dreamer has a bad temper
C.  A loss of control in one's life 

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