I am a 47 year-old woman who within the last year moved from Santa Barbara, California, to Chicago, IL. I was raised in Pennsylvania and my family is still there, so this move was a “coming back to my roots.” (I had been away for almost 20 years). I have been doing much work with my dreams for the past few years. What troubled me was I was always driving in my dream...whether it be a car, bicycle or whatever...I was always alone and always in the drivers seat.

Recently I had the following dream: I am walking through a hospital. There are many injured (hurt) people around me. My first impulse is to feel sorry for them. Then I realize that feeling sorry would accomplish nothing. I pull myself together and realize I have to be strong and try to find a better way. I come to a door and I push the door open (it is a glass door) and walk outside. At the exact moment that the door opens, I see a car with no driver parked at the curb and it begins to drift down a hill. I run through a porch or entryway outside and around a corner to try to stop the runaway car. The car moves faster and I can’t stop it. I watch it go down the hill. It crashes through the door of a building. The door is glass and shatters. I stand there very upset feeling I am responsible for the crash and I feel I will get in some sort of trouble (or be punished for what I’ve done). The next thing I remember is being with a group of people telling them how horrible I feel and I don’t want my boss to know what happened. Then a man turns and says to me, “The car was just fine. There isn’t a scratch on it. The door was shattered, but that’s OK.” I feel a great peace and happiness at the end of this dream...but also a sense of sadness.

- Carol, Age 47, Chicago, IL, USA

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