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I love this web page! I have so many dreams like some of the people that have asked about, and I have a better understanding of why I have these now!! This is great! -Lauren

Being a counselor, I can’t help but notice the compassion you express in your replys to those that come to you for help. If a person shares a tragedy or difficulty in their life while relating a dream, you always acknowledge their pain, loss or difficulty. The compassion expressed in your replys is what will keep me returning to your site.

This is a high-quality web site with thoughtful comments…nice job! Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams is one of my favorite books on dreaming, and I recommend it frequently.
—Brenda Giguere, Lucidity Institute, Palo Alto, CA

This site really answers a lot of my weird and crazy dream and 10 out of 10 times the interpretation is true. -
Timika West, Riverdale, Ga

I do love this site! It has been helpful for me to now begin the "narrowing down" process to submit my questions to you. Thank you so much for your kind words and advice to others here. you are a much needed "treasure"! Thank you!

Excellent site, I was able to interpert my dream immediately and it all made perfect sense, there was no second guessing the descriptions of your interpretations. Many thanks
-Eva, Australia

DreamDoctor rocks! I was able to tell my dream in full and get an analysis fast. It was a "dream" come true!
-Samantha, Delmar, DE USA

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Charles McPhee has a uniquely well-informed perspective on the metaphorical riches that can be discovered in everyone’s dreams. His new book Ask the Dream Doctor offers a powerful means of identifying the most common meanings, themes, and insights in the endlessly wondrous world of dreaming.
—Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., President, Association for the Study of Dreams, author of Transforming Dreams, and Visions of the Night

With thanks to Charles McPhee’s winning personality and humor, Ask the Dream Doctor is as entertaining and fun to read as it is enlightening. Even if you do not find your exact dream among those included, by reading this book you will learn something valuable about yourself.
—Cynthia Richmond, author of Dream Power, How to use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life.

Charles McPhee’s book provides an excellent addition to the new dream symbol approach which carefully avoids assigning a single meaning to a dream image, while skillfully showing how a dream can function as a metaphor in guiding one’s life. I enjoyed the inclusion of real dreams, the tips for interpretation, and the thoughtful associations to common dreams.
—Richard Wilkerson, Editor, Electric Dreams