I have had snake dreams off and on now for years. My last one was 1 month ago. I had just returned from a holiday visiting a very special man in Western Australia (I live in Victoria, Australia). I so badly wanted to quit my job and stay with him at the end of the holiday but I wanted him to come and visit me just for my security in knowing that he wanted to see me. I had recently changed jobs so it would not have been a good career move either, although I’m not enjoying the job. My dream happened 2 nights after I returned home from my trip.

I was running around an oval, but I couldn’t run properly and everyone was overtaking me. I finally reached the finishing line where there was a huge orangey-red snake rearing and hissing at me. But I just proceeded to run straight past it. But then once I had stopped about 20 metres past the snake, I turned around to find that the head of the snake had broken off and followed me down to where I was standing. It was jumping up at me and head-butting me (not biting me) although I think it was trying to bite me. Then, with one massive swoop of my arm I swiped it straight to the ground and it curled up and I don’t know whether it died or not.......

I am terribly afraid of snakes. The last physical snake I saw was when I was with my special man. A snake came within 30 cm of my feet, and Mick was right behind me.

—Michelle, Victoria, Australia


In this dream, the snake symbolizes...

A. Evil internal spirits
B. A bad employer
C. The boyfriend

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