I just met a guy over the internet about a month ago. We have a lot of things in common and have a great time talking to each other. We are the same age, but he has two kids from his previous marriage (ages 11 and 9). In the last week or so we have gotten rather serious in that we both agreed that we would love to see each other on a regular basis, which since we only live 100 miles apart is no big deal. Since these discussions, I have similar dreams. It’s always the same with me reclining in his arms on a bed...great right?

Here’s the kicker. In the first dream I was pregnant and gave birth to a baby (don’t know what sex), the second dream I was just pregnant, and in the third dream I was in labor giving birth to triplets. Just as the doctor laid all three babies on my chest the guy that I am seeing and I look at each other smile.. and then I wake up.

It’s starting to make me very nervous in that maybe I should re-evaluate our relationship. I would love to hear your thoughts on this... hopefully you will be able to shed some light on my “impending motherhood” dreams.

--Leslie, Age 29, Single, Bismark, N.D., USA

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