Today I woke up from an afternoon nap after dreaming that I was hanging onto a ledge outside of a window. There were people inside trying to pull me in, but they weren’t able to before I woke up. Also, I wasn’t myself. I think I was a character on the soap opera that I watch who is a very strong and successful woman who has recently been on trial for murder which displayed her vulnerable side. And I wasn’t terrified of falling either. I never looked down, but I was sure someone was going to pull me back in somehow, but they never did. I’ve been having a lot of marital problems and additional relationship problems, too numerous to mention. To put it mildly, I have had quite more than my share of stress lately and my life used to be as normal and calm as possible. I just wanted to know if this dream meant something more than the obvious symbolism of hanging onto something. 

--Christina, Age 26, Simi Valley, CA, USA

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