I am a college student at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville. I recently had a dream that my whole family (father, mother, and 3 younger brothers) were in the Maryville public library when my parents came up to me and told me that they were changing my 7 year old brother's name from Ryan Joseph Goff to Ryan Jon Jackson. I was livid. I started yelling and screaming at them. I started calling them all the bad names I could think of. I kept saying, "He's been named that since he was born. How can you do that???!!!" I was kicking things and throwing things. Then I pulled a bookshelf down on my mom, killing her. I then walked back to the campus and went into my dorm room. After about 15 minutes (I think) Campus Safety came and said I was under arrest for disturbing the peace. They handcuffed me and a girl from my communication class (for real) asked me what I wanted for my last meal. I replied "The lasagna from The Cellar (a campus eating establishment)." That's when the dream ended. Pretty wierd huh? I think the part about name changing came from the fact that I was adopted and my name was Adam Jon Jackson (currently Adam Thomas Goff). I don't know why the other things appeared in my dream though. Why was a girl from my communication class in the dream, why did it take place in the public library, why was my last meal terrible lasagna, why did I pull the bookcase down on my mom killing her? Just confused. Thanks for your time!!!


--Adam, Age 18, Maryville, MO, USA


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