You can explore the meaning of any dream at We have thousands of pages of free information about dreams and sleep, all based on our research findings from our huge database of dreams, the largest in the world. Here are the most efficient ways to explore the meaning of your dream on our site...

1. The Dream Wizard®, the most efficient and thorough dream interpretation tool available. Register to receive a free Dream Wizard® credit. Be sure to watch for our email in order to activate your account! Click here for more about the Dream Wizard® Young dreamers can learn a lot about the meaning of their dreams by using our free Dream Wizard® App.

2. Familiarize yourself with our dream FAQs and the dream interpretation tips & traps. They concisely explain how dreams work. 

3. Identify the symbols in your dream and look up their meaning in our dream dictionary. While dreams can have literal components, the symbolic ones are the ones that often confuse or mislead the dreamer. What is a dream symbol? It is likely to be anything in your dream that strikes you as odd or unlikely. If you cannot find a specific symbol in our dictionary, try a similar word or one that more generally describes it. For example, you won't find "robin" in our dictionary, but if you read our definition of a "bird" in a dream, you will get an understanding of what a robin means in a dream. Some symbols have more than one meaning. The waking life background of your dream which generated it, should help you determine which definition is most appropriate. Do not allow the specific details of your dream or an individual symbol to distract you from its main message. For example, don't allow the polka dots on the cat in your dream to distract you from the meaning of a cat in a dream and its relation to your waking life.

4. To understand how dream symbols work together, read our typical dreams and their interpretations. They contain the most common dream symbols and are organized by the age and gender of the dreamer and the theme of the dream.

5. If you have trouble finding information about your dream, use our site search, found in the upper navigation bar of every page. It searches the thousands of pages of free information on our site for your keywords.

6. Visit our Dream Forum. There, you can search for other dreams like yours for answers, ask questions, post your dream or give feedback to others who have posted a dream or sleep issues. Anyone can visit our forum, but to post a question or feedback, you have to be a registered member and logged in. To register, click here. Registration is free, as is our Dream Forum.

7. Our Full Access subscriptions give you access to the world's largest audio library of symbol definitions, dream interpretations, and lessons about dreams and sleep by Dream Doctor, Charles McPhee. Each subscription includes unlimited use of the Dream Wizard®.

8. If you really get stuck, we offer a personalized dream interpretation service for a reasonable cost. For more information about it, click here.

Remember, dreams are not about your future. They are about your present. They reflect your feelings, thoughts and awarenesses about your waking life at the time of the dream. When exploring their meaning, be sure to consider your feelings IN the dream, because feelings in dreams are never disguised. In other words, how you feel in the dream is how you are feeling about the subject of your dream in waking life. As your feelings about what is important in your life change, so will your dreams. Knowing that, you are much more likely to make better decisions in your life.

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